GhostVapes MV1 Dry Herb Vaporizer | Let's Explore!

You all know that I've been wanting a new vaping device that allows me to successfully enjoy flower and concentrates easily within the same device.

I think I've found that device.

The GhostVapes MV1 is a dry herb vaporizer for dry herbs and concentrates.

This thing is so cool looking! It really looks like a space ship.

The MV1 is a sleek and powerful device that was crafted with the latest technology to bring you effective in-demand convection heating.

I have the MV1 Stealth Edition. It's so smooth and beautiful.

This vape delivers flavor, temperature control, and easy-to-use crucibles. It fits perfectly in one hand and only has 2 buttons, for ease of use.

One of my absolute favorite parts of functionality with this device is the app. I downloaded the "GHOST" app from the Google Play Store so that I could easily change the temperature of my vape and program the "favorite" heat settings. You can change the temperature of the vape without the app, but personally, I prefer the app.

The app is extremely easy to use. It's just for controlling the temperature of your device. It's very easy to navigate.

As someone who has never ever had a vape device this advanced and high-tech, I have to say, this is a very easy device to get the hang of.

The most expensive vape pen that I've ever owned was a $25 store-branded pen that sucked at vaping herb.

With that being said, I've been without a vape pen for several months. I'm used to getting through my day without smoking so I knew that getting used to carrying the MV1 around would take some time.

I was right. Remembering to take my device to work was hard because I'm so used to getting through my day without it.

But, when I have it I use it up. I love the concentrate setting. I've purchased some crumble concentrate to go inside of it.

So far, I've found that I do really like it with herbs. But traveling with concentrates is just a little easier for me.

When I first got my MV1, the only concentrate that I had was a runny consistency. I still wanted to try it out to see if it was worth investing in a new batch of concentrate with a more crumble consistency-- which is what's recommended to use.

It vaped and tasted amazing! It was "Jack The Ripper", it was so flavorful. I was fully medicated after a few hits with the MV1.

Along with the MV1 device, I got the crucible dispenser. It holds your empty and full crucibles while you're traveling to keep everything in one space. The crucible dispenser keeps your flower fresh while it's waiting to be loaded into your MV1.

Wherever I bring my MV1, the crucible dispenser is always with me. It's just easy!

While I'm still exploring this device, I've really enjoyed how photogenic it is. I've had it for about a week and I've been trying to use it daily, but as I said before, I'm getting into the hang of having a device again!

So far I love this device.

As of a week of owning it, here are my PROS and CONS.


- Easy to use; between the buttons and the app

- Long battery life; follow their directions!

- Easy to load crucibles; slight learning curve with inserting into the oven but it gets better after doing it repeatedly


- Only one concentrate setting; having a few options would be nice

That's it. I don't have that many cons so far. It's operating the way that it should.

I would recommend it for people who prefer to microdose and want more flavor.

The MV1 comes in several other colors such as Satin Silver, Rose Gold, and Nickel. I would love a Rose Gold! It's a beautiful looking device.

While I've been getting a feel for my MV1, I've also taken it almost everywhere with me! You've got to test in all climates and conditions, so that's what I did!

I've been taking my MV1 on adventures with me.

A more in-depth review is coming soon!

Until then, does anyone else have a Ghost Vapes MV1? Do you enjoy it?

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