Get Into This 300mg THC Cheesecake!

I love a good cheesecake. If you know me, you know I never turn down a good cheesecake. No, seriously my name would be Cheesecake Factory if that wasn't an established company and copyrighted domain, haha.

Well, since I started my new job in the cannabis industry I've met some amazing people that I get to see everyday.

One of them is a chef named Adrian, he works in the edibles kitchen and knows how to throw down on a good ANYTHING!

I had a coworker tell me that one of his specialties is cheesecake, to that I responded with "how much, when can I get it, and how much THC".

The slices are only $10!! - C'mon Adrian, charge your worth, it's about time to up that price!

In the course of 2 days, I purchased 2 slices.

It's recommended to keep the cheesecake in the freezer until it's ready to be eaten.

There are over 300mg of THC in this slice. It's delicious. It's so damn good!

All of the THC goodness is located in the crust. The entire thing has a beautiful taste and those notes of cannabis flower in there really hit your taste buds.

I don't know about you guys but I love to taste my weed when I'm eating it. As I'm smelling and tasting it I feel like I'm enjoying it even more.

If you're North of Seattle and looking for a cannabis chef I will plug his information once I'm able to get it!

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