Full Flavor CBD Trim | Try Plain Jane

One of the best CBD purchases I've ever made!

Now it's become a staple in my weed bag.

I absolutely love Plain Jane, I've said that before. I've tried just about all of their products. They are a trustworthy and affordable company, plus their product always tastes great.

This trim is their Elektra flower. I got this 14g trim bag.

It lasted about 2 and a half weeks between my boyfriend and me.

I used it in combination with my regular weed, I used 50/50.

It burns evenly, the smoke isn't harsh. You can smoke an entire bowl of just this CBD flower if you wanted-- I did, multiple times.

If you want a natural, effective, and affordable addition to your daily smoke sesh I would recommend using CBD flower or trim! I find that I smoke less of my regular weed. So helping to make my stuff last is an added bonus.

Plain Jane also offers odorless trim for those who might want to roll low-key joints/rolls or smoke without the odor of cannabis. Which has the same incredible benefits!

I'm going to re-up on my next payday and hopefully get a bigger bag to see if it can last a little longer!

Do you smoke CBD? Comment below! Let me know. What's your favorite strain?

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