Full Flavor CBD Pre-Rolls

Get into these CBD full flavor pre-rolls

I'm not going to lie, in terms on pre-rolls from Plain Jane, these full-flavor hemp rolls are my favorite.

I've had their hemp pre-rolls that look just like cigarettes, so they're super ideal for people who want to be discreet. You can check out that blog post here!

I think I really liked these because of the paper that's used. I also like the thickness, I didn't have a hemp pre-roll on hand, but I feel like they were a tiny bit smaller.

I prefer this one! It's so smooth and it burns perfectly.

Smoking CBD in the form of a pre-roll is so easy, which is probably why I like it.

I only purchased the 2 pack because it was $2.99 and ya girl didn't have too much money!

But next, I plan on buying a whole 20-pack. These would be great for work lunches or even for when I'm walking home from the bus stop.

Since these are the full flavor pre-rolls, the potent hemp odor isn't extracted from it so that means you're getting the yummy hemp smell.

If you don't want the hemp smell, that's why they make odorless ones too! You get the same benefits and feeling except the scent is less likely to stick to you, which means you can light it up real quick!

Since I got the two-pack, I ended up giving my mom the other hemp roll so that she could enjoy it. And enjoy it she did! She said that she liked it! If Muva likes it then it has all of the approval I need!!

Oohhhhh myyyyyy goooodddnesssss. Just when I think that Plain Jane can't impress me with more products... THEY HAVE TWAX JOINTS NOW. I need to get my hands on them! My mom would love these too, soooo I need them!

I hope you can get your hands on some Plain Jane goodies!

Check out their products today!

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