Exploring The Ardent LIFT Cannabis Multi-Tool | Decarboxylator & Infuser

We got it! We got it!

My Ardent LIFT arrived today!

This little thing turns you into a cannabis master.

You can decarb and infuse cannabis with the Ardent LIFT precision Multi-Tool.

The LIFT/NOVA is mess-free, odorless, quiet, and allows you to get the most out of your cannabis.

You can put cannabis flower, kief, and concentrates inside of this little machine. It can hold up to one ounce of flower and up to 5 ounces of kief.

Now that's plenty for at-home use!

I really like this tool because there is no minimum. If I just wanted to drop a single nug into the LIFT it's okay! You can make as much or as little as you desire.

Decarboxylation is an important part of cannabis consumption. You need to activate the THC in the flower (or kief or concentrate) so that when you ingest it you're getting all of the benefits of the THC.

What's amazing about decarbing with the Ardent LIFT/NOVA versus an at-home appliance (i.e stove, oven, crockpots, etc) is that you're getting all of the THC without destroying valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. At-home appliances aren't designed for cannabis. They aren't designed to be gentle with cannabis like the NOVA/LIFT is.

You want the most out of your cannabis every time and that's what the NOVA/LIFT does.

Here is my Instagram Story from the day my LIFT arrived!

I wanted to break this puppy in. I wanted to understand what it did and how it worked.

And also, I don't have the best luck all of the time, so I wanted to test out a small amount of cannabis to see if this thing really worked. I was scared something would go wrong or that I'd even get a defective one. Yes, those things happen to me quite a bit-- a moment of silence for me.

Moment over.

I had some GG #4 trim on hand that I picked up from my local dispensary.

I figured that testing with some trim would be perfect. I had around 2g's of trim left in this bag.

My plan with this was to just see how long it took, check how hot the LIFT/NOVA got throughout the process, and test it's "smell-proof" claim. I have friends who are already interested in purchasing their own so I wanted to have all of the answers to some questions they may have!

Make sure that you have plenty of counter space. The NOVA/LIFT doesn't need to be isolated but since it is a smart device it's using the atmosphere around it to assist with temperature control. So I made sure that mine was away from my oven, microwave, and the sink! I had plenty of space around my LIFT!

I also made sure that I cleaned the pieces of my machine before using it! I used gentle soap and warm water for the cannister and cap, then used a damp rag to gently wipe clean the LIFT itself. Then I rag dried it for quick use. I like clean things, y'all! Always wash your new toys!

I added the last of my trim into the LIFT, placed the purple silicone seal, then the black cap.

All you have to do after adding you cannabis into the LIFT is to plug it in, then press the button!

Press the green button, which means it's good to go, to turn it red, which means that the decarb process is starting.

I was super concerned about the process. I've never ever decarbed weed, not even with my own oven. I knew what to expect because I've read about decarbing for years-- I've always told myself that when I get my own apartment I'm going to make edibles! Well, I got an apartment but I was scared to put weed in the oven. I'm terrible at keeping control of things in the oven so having the LIFT be a smart device that controls the temperature itself is just what I need.

After starting the LIFT, I checked on it after 10 minutes. The outside was already warm to the touch, not burning hot (which is great). The LIFT seems very durable and reliable. I'm not going to lie, I was concerned about how it was made. I want this device to last me a while. I can tell you that I think it will last. This little thing has some weight on it, too,.

Now, with the heat, I recommend keeping this away from counter climbing pets and tall children, because it is pretty warm. So just be safe and aware of that.

The smell. There was literally zero smell. During the entire process, I couldn't smell anything coming from my LIFT. I made sure that the caps were tight to be as safe as possible.

I'm not someone who requires a smell-free decarb just because it's just me and my boyfriend and we're fine with the smell of weed. But for people with roommates, family members, children, and even pets I completely understand how the smell of cannabis could cause an issue.

I can tell you that as long as you're making sure that you're closing the LIFT properly, then you can ensure a smell-free experience.

Now, when the cannabis is done decarbing and you take of the top, yes, it will smell like top-shelf chronic in your kitchen because you're not sealing the smell anymore. So I'd recommend that you work fast.

The smell of decarbed cannabis is potent, strong, and quite lovely actually. I enjoy the smell.

The entire process can vary in time. It depends on your atmosphere, the amount of cannabis used, and some other things that scientists behind Ardent built-into this device.

This one took about 2.5 hours. I was watching TV and wasn't watching the clock too much. There isn't a noise that the LIFT makes when the cannabis is done. The light will just turn from red to green. Around the two hour mark, I would start watching your device for that green light.

Don't forget, the LIFT/NOVA goes through a cooling process too! But that doesn't mean that it won't be hot, so be safe when you're handing the device and your cannabis.

Here is my final product!

As you can see, my decarbed weed is nicely browned and activated! It's ready to be baked, turned into butter/oil, or even placed into a capsule-- just a few ideas.

The infusion process can also happen in the NOVA/LIFT. All you have to do is use the silicone sleeve that Ardent offers on their website.

Don't forget, you can use THC and CBD! So if you happen to have CBD flower or CBD kief, then you can throw them inside of your LIFT/NOVA!

I will be posting the process video on IGTV sometime this week! So you will see and hear how I used my LIFT. Make sure that you're following me on Instagram to see that video!

I am in love with this device. It's helpful and valuable. You will make your money back after just a few uses.

I plan on making cannabutters, oils, and topicals the most!

Thanks again to @Herb and @ArdentLLC for this amazing giveaway prize. I truly couldn't be happier! There will be a lot of recipes coming!

If you had this device what would you make?

Comment below!

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