e-Valentine Edibles from AXIII | Vegan THC Chocolates

Get into these amazing vegan cannabis chocolates from a cannabis chocolatier.

I've been following this chocolatier on Twitter for a while. I saw that he was in Seattle and travels to Montreal and Chicago as well. I had to keep an eye on him because I kept seeing amazing goodies-- from THC-infused sriracha to designer chocolate.

This is the Willy Wonka story we deserve!

I ordered the e-Valenties pack. It was $30 + $9 shipping. A deliciously crafted edible pack for the lover's holiday that's coming up.

The e-valentines pack features

- Citrus Goji Chocolates

- Matcha Chocolates

- Chocolate-Dipped Oreo

I got x1 Chocolate dipped oreo, x2 goji chocolates, and x1 matcha chocolate.

I also saw on his Twitter that there are matcha Oreos and s'mores chocolates!! I would have loved to try a s'more chocolate but maybe next time!

Here are the chocolates that I received. Absolutely delicious.

I ate the chocolate-dipped oreo first. It was my favorite and it felt like it had the strongest amount of THC, in my opinion.

The citrus goji chocolate was delicious. The chocolate was nice and chewy to bite and it melted in my mouth as I ate it.

The matcha chocolate was amazing! It was very good, my next favorite after the oreo.

Only one of heart-shaped chocolates "hit" me, I didn't get too high off of them. I kept them in the fridge on the door so that they stayed cool. Cold chocolates are my favorite, anyway!

These chocolates were very good. If you're looking for high-quality cannabis-infused chocolates then I'd suggest hitting up @_AXIII_. Stop buying those low-quality dispensary chocolates. Treat your self!

Get these e-Valentines packs while they last, I'm sure they're going quick.

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