DOPE SOAP | 420MG Lemon Soap

Have you tried CBD/THC soap before?

I'm not going to lie, I was nervous to initially buy a bar of soap because I truly do feel like it's a waste! How am I going to use ALL of the soap, watching the product go down the drain is so hurtful!

But after hitting the dispensary last week, my boyfriend came home with this Wild Mint Dope Soap that he picked up for $6.

Only $6? Heck yeah! I'm down to spend $6 for a beneficial product. Buuuut, those $15 and $20 soaps aren't getting me anytime soon.

So first off, the scent is great! He got Lemonhaze, and oh boy is that lemony smell delicious!

Initially, we didn't know if we wanted to use this soap as a hand soap in the bathroom or actually shower with it-- we decided to shower with it.

I love hot water and I feel like the steam also makes this soap so powerful! The citrusy-sweet lemon scent fills the bathroom so quick and it smells incredible. I will lather my entire body with the soap then let it stay on me for a while as I'm cleaning my face or something-- with the water either off or facing away from my body.. Then I'll rinse it all off-- I feel like it works better like this than to keep lathering up as the soap is being washed off of you. But also, that could just be my use-every-ounce-of-it mentality mixing with my cheap mentality.

I come out feeling refreshed, soft, and not necessarily "high" but I have an uplifted mood and patience.

The quality of the soap itself isn't on Dove's level (because we love Dove), but it's more comparable to a high-quality Dial? Your skin feels soft, there's not a film like some soaps leave. But it could have a little more slip and something else to prevent drying-- I see some people getting super dried out after using this.

In terms of how the soap makes your skin feel after the shower, I'd suggest using a good body lotion that will allow your skin to get it's moisture back.

~ For moisturizing hemp lotions, I'd suggest these!

This soap contains 204mg of THC and 155mg of CBD. There's a total of 420mg in this 84g bar of soap. For $6, yeah I'd say it's worth it.

Are you interested in getting this soap yourself?

I was able to find a website that sells the DOPE SOAP! You can check it out here. Looks like they don't have the Lemonhaze that I was able to pick up, but there are still some good options! I'm interested in trying the Warm Vanilla!

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