Dispensary Run! | $59

We're back!

At my favorite store, of course, it was payday so we had to make a quick stop!

I was going to have my order pre-ordered, but I also really wanted to look.

I was originally going to get this Orange Cream soda drink because it was $20 and I've never had it before, but I enjoyed the Ray's Lemonade drink so much that I had to get it again.

I got the strawberry flavor of the 100MG Ray's Lemonade.

I saw a hilarious strain called "Clappin Cheeks", I had to take a picture of it!

And then I have the haul of items that I got. Some indica flower, a 1G pre-roll, and of course-- the Ray's Lemonade in strawberry flavor!

I was trying to stay under $50 because that's all I pulled out. But when I looked in my purse, I found $15 in my wallet so I bought a drink.

Woo! Hooray for loose change!

The Ray's Lemonade was the same price as the Orange Cream Pie soda and they scanned it first before I made my decision. So that's why the receipt doesn't have the Ray's.

Do you see anything that you would get? What did you get last time you hit the dispensary?