Dispensary Hopping Haul

During this weekend we finally made time to get out of the house and hit up a few places that we've wanted to go.

We started off Friday by hitting up PRC Cannabis in Arlington before work along with their independent CBD store, PRCBD.

It was both my boyfriend and I's first time inside of PRCBD and we enjoyed it! They had plenty of glass for any glass lovers. Their glass selection ranged from hand pipes to bongs and even decorative glass that's functional! There are so many pieces in this store that I'd love to have in my collection!

Along with glass they also had clothing, tinctures, edibles, CBD/HEMP smokables, companion (dog & cat) treats, and so much more! if you have the chance to ever visit this well-equipped dispensary and side-store I'd suggest that you do!

We ended up getting a GG#4 joint from PRC and then 2 CBD energy shots, and 3 hemp cigarettes.

Then the next day we wanted to keep the dispensary party going!

So we went to KushMart on HWY99. Love, love, love this place! They had a DJ inside and everything. KushMart also had a side-store that was a merch and CBD store, we went side and didn't find too much that we wanted.

We only bought a Smokey Point Productions Joint from there.

After KushMart, right down the street is KushMan's so we had to stop inside of there too!

We got some edibles and an eighth.

Next on the list was Local Roots on 128th in Everett. My favorite dispensary in Everett. There, I said it.

Top 2 and it ain't number 2.

Because of COVID-19, they didn't have any products in the display cases, only behind the counter. And a lot of the dispensary was closed off.

I'm glad that they are doing what they have to do to keep the employees and the customers safe!

I ended up getting

  • Da Bomb Joint

  • Hemp Wick

  • Josh D OG Flower

  • &

  • Notorius Z.E.D Flower

Then... haha, yes there's more!

We also went to Dank's Wonder Emporium. My favorite dispensary in Edmonds! They had their glass tips for free on the counter so I grabbed 2 of those. Aaaand, I got a $60 ounce! (ounce not pictured).

We ended up going home after our visit to Danks because we were tired and ready to smoke!

I'm super satisfied with all of my purchases and saving that DA-BOMB joint for a good day!

Does anyone else have time when they jump around from dispensary to dispensary? Let me know!

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