Cleaning Time | Grand Master Smoke Bong/Pipe/Glass Cleaner

Oh, we've got a job for today.

It's cleaning time, girls!

I purchased this Grand Master Smoke bong/pipe/glass cleaner from Amazon for about $13. It comes in a 32oz bottle. All of the instructions are on the back of the bottle (thank goodness, we love instructions!).

Before purchasing this product, I used to clean my pieces with [sea] salt, water, and some hydrogen peroxide. Mix it all up inside of the piece and shake it, let it sit a little, and shake then rinse. It was a very effective process at the time, but I don't have salt-- or hydrogen peroxide in that case!

I ordered this stuff after being tired of smoking from a dirty piece!

You guys can see how bad it looks! It's been a few weeks... okay months.. ugh! I'll rinse her out between smokes sometimes then change the water so I'm at least hitting with clean water, but that buildup is expected when you're a daily smoker.

Also, the curve on the neck makes it hard to get certain spots when I'm cleaning it with a little brush. So I wanted to try this stuff out.

According to the products description, there are no acetone, no filler salt, and no abrasives. It's supposed to cut down that nasty grime and resin while deodorizing your piece and restoring it back to new. Here we have my bowl piece and 2 glass joint tips that are inside of a plastic baggy with a nice pour of the Grand Master Smoke solution, and I mixed it with a little water. That wasn't a recommended step, but I wanted to use as little product as possible. My boyfriend and I have some big boy pieces to clean, and this bottle was expensive! Cheap stoners, stand up.

The bong is also full of solution. I didn't get any of those little condom looking things that apparently act as caps for the holes... hahaha rookie mistake. I just used my hands to cover the holes like a real b*tch, I still shook the bong and solution. I liked the bubbles that came from shaking, it made the kid in me happy.

I did this at about 10 pm. I let everything sit until about 7 am. Occasionally shaking as I got up to get food and what-not.

I also purchased little scrubbers/brushes that I used to fight the resin build-up. Didn't take too long, everything was loose. Then I rinsed out my piece and boom.

We've got a clean piece! Wish I grabbed a better photo, but I was waiting all night to smoke! We needed to load her up!

It looks great! The stuff worked great, and I won't be letting this bong get that dirty again! Clean bongs and pieces are so important because you get the true flavor of the cannabis, and it hits harder!

And, if you were wondering I am a namer. This bong is a Dirty Rico, so naturally, her name is Rico Nasty. And that's that on that! Doesn't it look great!? How do you clean your pieces?


Here's my Darth Vader bowl piece that I love so much! My boyfriend surprised me with it like a year or two ago! He can hold a fat bowl. Have easily smoked over 1g out of him. Time to get Rihanna next!

Product: #GrandMasterSmoke

Purchase it on Amazon here!

Okay, side note: I may be high. I want to start a collection of celebrity bowl pieces. Hahaha. I want a Rihanna, Beyonce, and Jay-Z bowl piece to start. If I don't find these, I will make them myself! The same style and make as this Darth Vader, but just give me Rihanna's face.

Oh, and I'm never going to let go of Fenty Cannabis, I have repped Rihanna in every avenue, so girl, I need EITHER a strain or an entire cannabis empire, I'm reaching for the ladder. Make me your budtender when you open the shop. Love you, Rihanna (yeah because she reads my blog, I'm not even worthy enough to imagine)

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