Chicago Airports Install Cannabis Amnesty Boxes

It looks like these amnesty boxes that have been installed at airports in Chicago are getting mixed reactions.

The O'Hair International Airport and Midway Airport have installed cannabis amnesty boxes that they want travelers to drop their weed into. Apparently these amnesty boxes are placed just past the security checkpoints so that travelers heading to states where marijuana is still illegal can dump their greens.

There is no threat to travelers who have cannabis in the airport, that is not the problem. The problem would be when a traveler gets to their destination-- then they're breaking federal law. These blue metal boxes are just a way to ensure that travelers have places to dispose of weed that happens to be on them.

In Illinois, it is legal for residents to have up to 30 grams on them. For out-of-state residents, the limit is half of that at 15 grams.

So, if you're like me you're probably wondering "where the heck is this weed going?".

Apparently, these boxes get emptied regularly by police. The police are supposed to file reports for the items then dispose of them. The boxes themselves are owned by the Department of Aviation.

Now, if you're in a state where cannabis is legal and going to a state where cannabis is legal then you probably know that you can fly with it. I know people who have traveled with flower and cartridges-- check bags and carry on. So, just be safe out there.


How do you feel about cannabis amnesty boxes? Do you think they will make their way into more airports? Do you think this method of cannabis collection will work? Have you ever traveled with weed?

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