CBD Vape Cartridge from GROUPON

I've tried gummies, tinctures, and even flower from Groupon because I think that it's awesome how accessible it is! Groupon has a large selection of CBD products that are high-quality and properly regulated, you're just getting them for an affordable price.

I shopped around but chose to go with the cartridge that fit my price range the best and offered a flavor that I wanted.

Most of the CBD cartridges were either sold out or a flavor that didn't seem appealing to me was the only thing available.

Do I like this cart?


I really think that the liquid is poor quality. The cart itself is constructed poorly-- the top comes loose. Not a lot of smoke comes out, like I'm not saying I need vape god clouds but I get more clouds coming out of my mouth on a cold day with hot breath. But the flavor is decent.


That's really it. I really don't think I want to try another vape cartridge from Groupon again. I'll stick to the gummies and tinctures (which are incredible!!!!)

For those interested in the price, it was $10.99. I get a little discount so my total ended up being $9.34.

Oh and at the same time I bought my boyfriend one of the Juul compatible ones and it broke in his mouth. I wouldn't trust the construction of these low-quality vape carts. I'm only puffing this thing until it's out so that I can refill it with other stuff IF the cart itself can handle it.

If you would like to try this CBD cart out for yourself you can check it out here.

I guess I'ma rate it

Brand: ##EMPECBD

Item: CBD Vape Cartridge

Amount of THC: None expected

Amount of CBD: #200MG

Taste Rate: 3/10

Highness: 0/0 [none expected]

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