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These are probably my favorite edibles! Okay, maybe top 2.. and they ain't number 2.

I picked these edibles up from #LocalRoots128th.

They were cheap and came in a pack of 10, which is exactly what I wanted.

Here's the package! It's a nice fat bag and of course, there was a sticker inside-- I love my weed stickers!

So these are your regular sized candies but the flavor on these is incredible!

It's green apple and there's a sugar sprinkled generously on top of the candy itself. The sugar is so good! (I believe it's sugar, it seems like it!).

The candy itself is a chewy-taffy like texture and it's perfect! I like to let these candies sit inside of my mouth on my tongue until they get super soft.

Ugh. I need more of these!

The dispensary also sells them individually for $3ea but I figured that 10 for $15 was the obvious better deal.

This might be my go-to candy from now on. It's such a perfectly sweet flavor! The texture feels so good in your mouth. You can barely taste the cannabis, the green apple flavor is so strong that there is practically no taste of bud.

Again, this candy is top 2... And it might not be number 2..

Brand: #HotSugar

Item: #PandaFruitDropCandies

Amount of THC: #10MG#10MG

Amount of CBD: 0.50

Taste Rate: 9.5/10

Highness: 8/10

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