CBD Lemon Shatter from Try Plain Jane

I'm on a mission to try all of the CBD products that Plain Jane offers because I haven't been disappointed yet!

Plain Jane offers a large selection of premium CBD & hemp products at affordable prices. I've tried a lot of their products and my disappointment meter is non-existent.

I really wanted to try the shatter, especially because I loved how the kief tasted and made me feel.

Read about the kief here!

Plain Jane offers two different flavors of their isolate shatter. Lemon and natural.

Then they have their full spectrum shatter that just comes in a natural flavor.

First off, the lemon scent jumps out and I love it! When you open the container, you can smell the amazing terpenes.

Then when smoked, the flavors aren't disappointing either.

I dabbed with this and topped my bowls with it-- because who wants to grab the torch eevveerryy time?

The dabbing experience!?

Flavor, flavor, flavor, flavor, flavor *in the tune of Ashanti's 'Baby'*.

It tastes how it smells! The smoke isn't harsh but it is strong. You feel incredible almost immediately after the hit. Your body relaxes and you feel like you can get stuff done! I think the lemon adds a tiny boost of motivation! If you're someone who loves to taste what your smoking this is it. A whole lotta lip-smacking going on.

The bowl experience!?

When sprinkled on top of weed in the bowl you still get the lemon flavor that you desire and you get a nice high from your weed. The bowl burns a little longer, you may be able to get a few good hits out of it.

AND, put some of the CBD kief on top too. Do it, just do it!

Plain Jane's CBD shatter is made with 99% pure CBD isolate with infused terpenes. It's well worth the price. Those nice big pieces of shatter can last quite a while if your smoking just what you need.

My favorite time to smoke the CBD shatter is in the morning! As I said, I think it's the lemon taste and flavor that gives me a little extra motivation. Recently, I've been waking and baking in the morning with only CBD and I like how I feel.

I'm definitely interested in trying the natural flavor next. I'm interested in how it will taste.

Doesn't it look amazing? Well, it is and it was. Time to place an order!

Would you try CBD shatter? How would you smoke it? Comment below! Let me know.

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