CBD Flower! | Casino Cookies & Sunset Road Sherbert | Golden Flower Shop

I have some amazing hemp flower to show you guys.

GoldenFlower.shop offers high-quality CBD hemp flower that is affordable. They've been adding new strains to their flower selection and I'm excited to start trying what they've got!

First, the packaging is dispensary quality. It looks great. The label is informative and very clear. I keep the bottles and reuse them to hold weed for travel purposes. Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

The bottles are airtight to keep the flower at peak freshness. Plus, the bottles are childproof "pop-top" bottles that will keep your cannabis safe.

From the first look, the flower is very beautiful and dense.

I got 7 grams of Sunset Road Sherbert and Casino Cookies.

I love CBD flower because of the calming effects that it has when smoked. You can smoke CBD by itself or with other herbs, including cannabis with THC.

Hemp flower from HempFlower.shop is

  • Tobacco Free

  • Pesticide Free

  • Organic

  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant

Casino Cookies is loaded with 20% CBD and it's great for pain relief and stress relief. Pairing it with a good THC heavy strain is what I've been doing. Casino cookies is a very nice strain.

Then we have Sunset Road Sherbert. This strain has 21% CBD and has a very uplifting and energetic effect to it. It has my favorite taste to it. Great morning strain. Best paired with a sativa.

I can't wait to try more flower from GoldenFlower.shop. I'm loving the quality of the flower that I have received this time and last time.

Finding a CBD flower company that you can trust is very hard these days because it's so easy to find so many shops. Make sure that you're doing your research before you buy.

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