I know I sound crazy when I say, I bought some weed off of Groupon!


Because I can. No really. I wanted to try it, and I could have bought buy it anywhere but I wanted to try an accessible place that someone in any state could purchase.

Wait, I can buy CBD online?

Yes, yes you can. CBD is legal on a federal level and uncle Sam isn't going to send S.W.A.T to your crib for some CBD. You can literally even buy CBD off of Amazon. I'd watch out for where you're buying it if you're going the online route, but research is required in everything. Do your due diligence. Here is the CBD that I bought!

Hemp Living CBD Buds - Sour Space Candy 18.39% CBD

Buy it here!

This is how the bud is described on Groupon: "Sour Space Candy CBD flower is a Sour Tsunami and ERB cross. Very aromatic and pungent, Sour Space Candy hemp flower will have a sour fuel like flavor, the contribution of ERB transforms the flavor into something that can only be described as: sour candy from outer space! " The scent really is aromatic and delicious. It's a crunchy bud. It wasn't bad looking at all, not for $8! You can get 1 gram for $8.95, 2.5 grams for $20.66, and 5 grams for $36.96. Not too bad. The percentage is 18.38%. CBD is good for anxiety, seizures, pain, and so much more. While smoking this bud wont get you high, it will make you feel calm. I was having back pain before smoking it and almost immediately after smoking my pain went down then went away.

My boyfriend has been having pain as well and after we bought this bud we've been buying more CBD bud because we truly love the effects. I made a nice bowl and smoked this. One thing I'm noticing with CBD bud is that you have to use a little more when making your bowl because I believe it burns quite quick. When I go to the dispensary, the CBD that I get is above 22%, I like to be over 22% when I buy CBD only bud. And of course, the higher CBD percentage, then that price is gonna raise. The flavor of this bud was really good actually! I enjoyed it. It's not harsh at all. Pretty earthy taste without too harsh of a throat feel. It lasted for a few days, I smoked it once I got home after work. I mixed it with whatever bud I had at the time. For a purchase from Groupon, it was worth it! I would recommend adding herbs in your CBD bud! Lavender would be a great additive to a bowl to help promote better sleep and relaxation. Remember, when you smoke CBD you don't get the psychoactive effects that you would get if you smoked THC. You're going to get an elevated sense of calm and pain relief is a benefit too.

We'll talk more about CBD later!

Groupon has several other kinds of buds that I want to try. I'm thinking about trying their pre rolls too. I have tried some of the gummies and tinctures that can be found on Groupons as well-- delicious! The good thing about CBD is the accessibility. Experiment with it and see how it can benefit you! Have you tried CBD bud before?

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