Cannabis Shower Steamers | Must Try!

-- These were purchased back in 2018! Will be buying more soon so that I can give you a full review on my experience! Just wanted to share since I have these pics still!

I had purchased these shower steamers a while back and my my my they were incredible! I used them pretty sparingly so they lasted for about a month (one every week and a half or so).

The three shower steamers that I purchased all came in a pack for $12. The dispensary that I purchased them in only had this one in stock and every time I've tried to go back for these steamers they've never had them.

So I think that these exact steamers will be hard to find, but I have no doubt that there aren't other brands out there!

What do you do with them?

Simply put them in your tub during your shower and allow the steam to slowly melt the steamer! I placed my steamer on the side of the tub away from the showerhead so that the water draining the tub wouldn't encourage it to melt faster-- but you do want it to get wet!

What did it smell like?

These smelled like eucalyptus! They smelled so delicious. The scent fills your shower, especially if you're like me and love a nice steamy shower!

No, like, does it smell like weed?

Not at all, sis! Even though you're getting high aromatically your bathroom doesn't smell like you just hot boxed. It smells fresh!


You're going to feel refreshed. You're breathing in steamy THC so it's going to allow you to unwind, relax, and calm your nerves. This will not get you high-high like you just smoked a bowl. Your eyes might hang a little lower and you might give fewer fucks. For me, I'll usually shower for 20 minutes with these in the tub. I'll be feeling it gently as I get out then once I get dressed and am chilling that's when I feel like it's hitting fully. It feels great!

I highly recommend experimenting with THC bath products! They're incredible. I've used several different types.

This is what the shower steamer looked like when you opened the package.

There was a little powder that was loose on the bottom, but it's okay.

Again, place it on your shower floor (once your water is steamy) and whiff the benefits of THC aromatically!

I don't recall the MG's unfortunately. I believe that each one was 10MG. This didn't have any CBD either I believe.

There are several other types of shower steamers, i guarantee that you can find ones that have specific benefits such as romance, sleep, energy, stress relief, and even ones designed for sore and tired muscles. Explore your local dispensary if you're fortunate to be in a state that has them.

You can find CBD bath bombs and bath products that can be found and sold in any state. CBD is the medicinal part of Marijuana that is legal on a federal scale. CBD has incredible benefits as well! We will talk more about CBD later.

BUT, if you do try a CBD shower steamer you won't have the psychoactive effects of THC which means your experience will not be at all like what I wrote.

You will get out of the shower feeling perfectly normal!

CBD doesn't get you "high"!

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