Canna Bella Lux | #CannaTravelDestinations

I'm adding this place to my #CannaTravelDestinations list because it looks like if Home Magazine, Pimp My Crib, and your favorite dispensary hooked up for the best collaboration ever.

Canna Bella Lux is a "hybrid boutique and lifestyle brand" that is located in the lovely city of Chicago, Illinois.

They offer so many things from accessories to apparel to home decor and even gifts! There is definitely something for every stoner in this cute little budtique.

When you look at it does it not look like somewhere that you want to spend all day in? Like really. I would have to be escorted out by security because I would be there 8 hours a day eating meals and all, using their microwave. It just looks so cozy!

Their website is launched and can be used by customers to place orders!

As said in their about page, this cannabis-inspired boutique features carefully curated items that were picked by cannaseurs and those alike. They wanted to bring their dreams to life and I'm so happy that they did because it's my dream too!

You can tell that this boutique has so much thought and care put into it because of how beautiful and clean it is! It's such an Instagram friendly boutique, which I know they were going! I could have a full photoshoot in this store.

I have to go here! I will drag all of my friends here. I've always wanted to visit Chicago and now that cannabis is legal I have more of a reason to get my butt down there!

I will see you soon Canna Bella Lux!