Bowl Piece Hunt...

I was cleaning my bong and well... I broke my bowl piece on accident.

Of course, that would happen to me, right?

Well, here's the damage. It broke clean in half.

And it didn't break until I was drying it off. I was so hurt! It was clean, look!

I was ready to load a bowl and smoke out of a clean piece. So sad.

I didn't know the size of the bowl.. I acquired this piece from my mom and asked her if she knew the size but unfortunately, she didn't. So, I guessed.

I didn't have my bf with me, unfortunately, he could have helped! But it's okay! I hit the dispensary the next day after work. I hoped that my guess of 10mm was correct.

I bought the bowl piece and told my budtender that I was truly guessing and was unsure that the bowl would fit.

He told me that if I got home to find it didn't fit to just exchange for a new one and even bring my broken bowl piece for a reference.

I got home and that bowl piece was waaay too skinny. I wrapped it back up in a napkin, collected my old bowl piece, and put them in a bag for the next day.

The next day, I went to the dispensary during my lunch break. Once I got to the dispensary, I told the budtender assisting me of the situation and he just led me to the bowl pieces. I handed him my broken piece for reference and he was able to find a bowl that I liked at the correct size. He told me the same thing if I have any issues to just come back.

I walked out of the store with confidence that I found the right size. Got home, and boom! It fits perfectly.

Here is the bowl piece that I ended up getting!

Phew. That was an adventure.

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