Beginner Cannabutter Recipe | Easy Cannabis-Infused Butter for First Timers

Who doesn't love cannabutter?!

Cannabis-infused butter that can be cooked into just about any meal or snack that you can imagine! Cannabutter is used to help make edibles so that you can get high! Sounds delightful, right?

After experimenting with my Ardent LIFT multi-tool I feel confident enough to attempt my own cannabutter!

Cannabutter is a great consumption choice because it's a clean and delicious way to get high that looks like an everyday activity. If you're a medical patient who needs a high dosage of THC for your pain, cannabutter is great because you can get your dosage in one meal if you wanted.

Cannabutter also makes a great gift for someone who doesn't want to smoke cannabis but wouldn't mind experimenting with using it for their pain, anxiety, etc. Giving it to friends, family members, and even grandparents might make a great option-- use your discretion!

The process of making cannabutter can seem very intimidating, it seems like it could become a mess easy too. Well, it can make a mess if you're not careful but there is nothing intimidating about making cannabis-infused butter! You might actually find it relaxing and exciting.

The process does take a while. You might want to dedicate an entire day to making cannabutter, especially if it's your first time.

Now let's get into this!

A lot of recipes will tell you to use a lot of cannabis... well, I don't like using that much cannabis at once and well, I like making my butter when I need it or when friends need it. So at the very least, I'll use an eighth of cannabis for my butter. So this recipe can be done with any amount of cannabis-- it's your choice!

What you'll need

- Cannabis (3.5g)

- Butter (4 sticks) (2 sticks per "jar" is what I usually do to start)

- Jars (mason jars or any durable glass jar)

- Cheesecloth or tea filters (or anything you can use to strain!)


- Decarb your cannabis

I use my Arden LIFT to decarb my cannabis. I get a perfect decarb every time without losing any THC or terpenes.

You can also use your stove to decarb cannabis. You can find instructions for stove decarbing online. I won't go into that because I have never done it.

Depending on the appliances or tools that you use to decarb, it could take you 2.5 to 4 hours for this process.

- Prepare Your Stove

Get a few saucepans ready because we're about to get the infusion going!

Put water in your saucepans then put it on low heat. For this part, I put it on medium-low heat just for a few minutes just to get the water warm!

While you're preparing, just make sure that you have heavy-duty jars! Mason jars should work just fine. I have one mason jar and two cheap glass jars that I found at the Dollar Tree!

Place your butter inside of your jars then turn the heat to low.

You only see one stick of butter in each jar because I was waiting for them to melt more before adding more butter. You can add it all at once, I just wanted to prevent any mess!

- Add Your Cannabis!

Grind up your decarbed cannabis and drop it into your cannabutter! Don't grind the cannabis too fine, a good finger grind would work perfectly.

As you saw, I had three jars, so I split the eighth between the three jars! Perfect amount for my friends who don't consume too much.

You could also use this amount to make just one large stick if you want! It's your choice, that's the magic of cannabutter!

Stir your cannabis into your mixture then you're good to let the jars sit on the stove on low for 3 hours!

Make sure that you check on the mixture and stir it every once in a while. You want to make sure you're not getting any butter sticking to the sides. Keep your heat low through the whole process.

TIP: Don't forget about the water in your saucepans! You're going to have to add more water at some point during the process.

The water is, practically, preventing the butter from burning. You don't want to run out of water.

Here is a video I took right after adding the cannabis. You can tell the butter is still trying to melt. That's fine.

- - After 3 hours - -

- Time To Strain It

Your cannabutter has been chilling on low heat for a good 3 hours by now. So, if you're ready you can take it off of the heat.

The jars will be very hot so either wait for them to cool down a little or use gloves. I waited 5 minutes then it was fine.

I used tea filters and a metal strainer and it worked perfectly.

This process didn't take long at all.

I simply placed a few tea filters in the bottom of the metal strainer, poured the cannabutter on top, then waited for it to drain into the measuring cup. Once most of the butter was strained, I balled up the tea filters into a ball and squeezed the remaining butter out. Then I placed the tea filtered cannabis aside-- you'll see why later.

- Refrigerate until ready to use

You've done it!

You made it to the last step. You've been in your kitchen all day. And now, it's the time!

Your cannabutter should be smooth and still liquid.

When you have your butter placed back into their jars and capped, simply place them into the fridge and they will be ready when you are!

Doing can be hard, I found a dosage calculator online that has helped me a lot! It's a great tool, just make sure that you're keeping track of your cannabis amounts and liquid amounts and it should be accurate!

How did you do? Did you make your cannabutter?

When you're ready to use your cannabutter, simply place a little bit into your skillet to cook with or place it on top of your foods like toast.

The possibilities are endless!

And remember that leftover cannabis flower that we had after straining our butter? I will show you what to do with that in another post!

What would you make with cannabutter?

Comment below!

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