Based on Your Zodiac Sign, What Strain of Cannabis is For You!?

Find your zodiac sign & see what your cannabis strain is!

Every zodiac sign is different, we all know that. They all hold their own personality traits and differences that make them unique-- just like cannabis.

Different strains of cannabis have their own effects on the consumer's body, medicinal effects, & more incredible benefits.

Discover what cannabis strain is for your zodiac sign!

Don't forget to comment your zodiac sign below and tell us if the cannabis strain assigned sounds legit for you!


Strain: Funky Monkey | Hybrid

This strain is great to smoke before an event or have a sesh w/ friends for a giggly, talkative, & tingly time. Because this strain makes you feel social, it's a great choice for the morning-- before work or a long day.

Since Aquarius' tend to be intellectual go-getters this gets the job done!

This strain is great to smoke away pain, stress, & headaches. Plus, it's known for increasing our appetite, so munchie alert!


Strain: Pineapple Punch | Sativa

This tropical, sweet, citrus smelling bud is ideal as a way to escape bad vibes & pain. It's a great Sativa strain to smoke if you want to feel calm while still having the energy to go about your day.

It offers intense feelings of happiness, creativity, & arousal!

Pisces want to be able to smoke and still have their motor functions, so this strain is a great one for them!


Strain: Gelato | Hybrid

Aries tend to be adventurous and creative, so they need a strain that allows them to be mentally free while staying productive.

This tantalizing strain is high in THC & induces happy, creative & calming effects. You will feel at peace.

This strain does come with some heavy physical effects; you will be relaxed but still mentally alert enough to do creative tasks.


Strain: Super Green Crack | Sativa

A Taurus wants to be up, focused, & alert enough to conquer the day.

This strain is practically the equivalent to a cup of coffee. Receive uplifted, energetic & euphoric effects from this strong Sativa.

This flower is pungent and aromatic, it has a skunk-like scent.

A little goes a long way with this powerful strain!


Strain: Sharksbreath | Indica Heavy Hybrid

Grab a friend (bc u hate being alone) & smoke relaxing bud that offers serious relief for stress, fatigue, & even depression

This skunky smelling flower lets you be alert & tackle your day (or just chill)

I know the name is funny but this strain holds serious medicinal benefits that you will love.

Smoke away your stress, pain, fatigue, and depression.


Pacific Blue | Indica

Because of their imaginative, loyal, & tenacious traits they desire a carefree smoke sesh.

This strain offers relief from stress & insomnia making it great for night.

Experience sleepiness, arousal, relaxation, & happiness

You will also sleep better, I know you love that!


Strawberry Ice | Sativa

Leo's need something that will encourage them off the couch!

This strain plays w their playfulness & creativity by keeping the mind clear.

A heavy Sativa great for staying active through your day.

Experience euphoria and stress relief and you smoke this subtly fruity bud.


Afgoo | Indica

Known for it's uplifting & creative effects in small doses, a Virgo deserves the ultimate relaxation & euphoric feels from this bud

It will make you calm & make everything feel good. It will also relieve your stress, insomnia, & pain