Barefoot Riesling | Sweet Wine

Okay, buds. Time for wine.

Tonight, we're sipping on Barefoot Riesling.

This wine is delicious and sweet!

For my sweet wine lovers, this is a great one that is very neutral and could go with anything-- food-wise.

I used a teacup to hold my wine because why tf not. Don't judge, haha. And I poured up a liiiiittle heavy because it was a rough day!

Now, I know there is a science to weed and wine, but I don't know what it is yet! I plan on learning, especially as I'm experimenting with wines. I'm too much of a drinker, but I love falling asleep to a glass of wine. Well, it's usually half drank.

Overall, this wine is great. Best served chilled. And if I had some frozen grapes, it would take it over the top!

Who doesn't love Barefoot wines? They're an affordable brand with quality wine. I haven't tried one I don't like.

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