Add These Candles To Your Smoke Sesh

Candles! Candles! Candles!

Adding candles to the environment while your smoking is a great choice for so many reasons.

They're great for

  • adding beautiful aromas

  • a way to light your hemp wick

  • setting the mood

  • & more!

Making sure that you're surrounded by a candle that looks good and smells good is an important part of smoking that I take advantage of!

Whether you prefer scented or unscented candles, there are options for everyone!

I light a candle every time I smoke. It makes me feel better. I love seeing how long the scents last and how well they may 'mask' the smoke. Also, I use hemp wick while I smoke so to light my hemp wick I stick it over a candle flame.

I've noticed that some of my favorite candles to light while smoking is lemon, lavender, & lemongrass scented! I love those scents in general, but they're some of my favorites! I also love cherry scents and earthy candles.

Below are some of my favorite candles and scents that you can try!

Ranging in price, there is a candle for everyone!

For those who want to smoke with tealights, I recommend buying them in bulk! For the most part, I get my tealights from the dollar store.

Here are a few options for tealight candle holders!

The best part about having candles is they change the atmosphere. By adding scent, light, and even color I find that having the right candle around me while smoking makes my experience more enjoyable.

Do you light candles for your sessions? What are some of your favorite scents while you're smoking?

Let me know below!

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