A Whole OUNCE of 9lb Hammer

I had to drop some cash for a stash that would last!

$54 ounce

I get my ounces from a dispensary in Edmonds called Danks Wonder Emporium. I haven't been in literally months because I moved earlier this year. But I finally made some time at the beginning of the month to get an ounce-- because my wallet couldn't keep buying eighths.

They upped their prices from $50 to $54. And I can see they either changed their farm or just their packaging for their ounces too-- the old ones came in a similar baggie but there was no design.

An ounce lasts me and my boyfriend about 13 - 15 days.

I really like purchasing my ounces from Dank's, not only because they're cheaper but because I'm not sacrificing too much quality. This bud was a little more stem-y that I would like, but I didn't get to pick my batch (I pre-ordered, I had a bus to catch!).

I used to only buy ounces from them, I used to save so much money!

Dank's Wonder Emporium is the only place near me that has ounces that low-- trust me, I checked. I bought a half-ounce for $68 and wanted to cry my eyes out-- and it wasn't even great.

So yes, I will keep heading over to Edmonds when I have the change just to re-up on an ounce!

~ 9lb Hammer

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