$65 Dispensary Haul | What's In The Bag!?

It always feels good to re-up, today I decided to go to a dispensary that is close to my work.

It's one of my mom's favorite dispensary "chains", it's a Greener Today. She loves the Lynnwood location and since the Bothell location is closer to me, I go to that one.

If you're ever in the Greater Seattle Area and are looking for a good dispensary, I'd recommend A Greener Today.

I had a little bit of money that I was willing to spend, I didn't want to spend too much but I knew what I wanted. Flower, concentrate for my new GhostVapes MV1, and a THC drink for the weekend.

Here's what I ended up getting

- Purple Punch Sugar Wax (1g)

- Black Cherry Jelly by Hi Guys (3.5g)

- Josh D OG by Hi Guys (3.5g)

- Crysanth Kush Preroll (.5g)

- Cherry Wanka Preroll (.5g)

- Sunset Pink Lemonade MAJOR 100mg THC drink

And, I also got a bowl piece that I will show you guys later!

Here's the receipt

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