$40 Snow Day Dispensary Pick-Up

What a day! It has been snowy over here in Seattle so we have to make sure we have what we need to stay comfortable.

So, I hit the dispensary!

I only had $40 in my pocket and I wanted this trip to be quick.

I looked for my usual-- a decent eighth and maybe trim if they have it for my usual price

What I ended up getting

  • Mickey Kush - Indica - 3.5g for $18

  • Mint Chocolate Chip Shake - Indica - 7g for $20

  • 2 Silver Smoke Screens - $1 each

I'm happy with my purchase! I got everything that I need to get me through the week.

I don't think that I've ever tried the strain Mint Cholate Chip, so I'm excited about the trim. I might use some of it to make edibles! And, as for Mickey Kush, I don't think I've tried that either! So I have two new strains to enjoy.

I always forget to grab smoke screens, that's why I got two. For only a dollar each, I like these little 'filters" for my bowl pieces with really big wholes. Plus, it prevents you from accidentally pulling any weed into your bong during hits-- so basically cleaner water.

Do y'all like what I got? What did you get during your last dispensary visit? Comment below!

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