$36 Friday Pick-Up | Local Roots

Happy Friday!

As Wiz Khalifa likes to say just about every [and I can't stress this enough] single day-- "Roll something and get the day started".

I've got a pickup that I've ordered and am excited about! I don't have too much to spend until payday, but I'm out of flower and need some!

So this is what we have! Decent deals and I have a discount that will be applied when I go!

I love picking up my orders, this is the second time I've done it. It makes the trip easier, especially after-work trips. I'm already a bus rider, I don't need to take too much time in a dispensary because it could cause me to miss my bus and have to wait.

So this is super convenient!

Also, I saw that my city is looking to expand the number of weed stores-- exciting! I need more places to hit up that are convenient!

Do you utilize pick-up at dispensaries near you? Would you?

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