350mg Weetos | Cheetos Edibles

I think I found one of my favorite snacks ever.

If you like Cheetos and weed then these are probably the best thing that you could munch on.

These are Blazing Weetos. They have 350mg of THC. And they taste just like Cheetos.

Aren't these so cool? It's always nice to find snacks that you like that have been infused with weed!

These 350mg THC Weetos came all the way from California. You can order some from Cali_Ediblez today! They arrived super quick and vacuum-sealed-- such a nice touch!

Let me tell you, these are dangerous! They don't smell like cannabis at all. I expected them to have a nice cheesy-weedy aroma because most edibles do have a small hint of weed. But not these. Pure Cheeto scent. If it wasn't for all of the weed leaves on the package you'd think these were just some off-brand Cheetos.

How Do They Taste?

They taste just like Cheetos. I don't believe it! And, again, they don't have a weed taste. They just taste like regular Cheetos. You could mix these in a party bowl with regular Cheetos and I can guarantee that no one would know! (ha, don't get your friends high without their consent! Had to throw that in)

They aren't "blazing" like the name says, they taste like your regular bag of Cheetos from the store.

This entire bag of Weetos has 350mg which is the most THC in a single food product that I've ever had! So I'm not going to lie, I was scared as hell to eat the whole bag-- I would be in hibernation for a week.

I gave some to my mom, my friend, my co-worker, and then I slowly snacked on the rest of the bag.

How Was The High?

A good handful (or 2) of these seems like the perfect amount for me. They're fun to eat with a meal since it's a regular chip! This bag lasted about 6 days with me sharing and being responsible for my serving amounts.

These edibles hit so nice. As I started getting high I just kept wondering "how in the hell do you make a weed-infused Cheeto? What even is a Cheeto?" HAHAHA. But they also knocked me out. You know when you just know you have to head to bed or else you're gonna be stuck for a few hours? Yeah, I had to walk myself to bed! I fell asleep then I woke up feeling great.

If you ever try these they would make an amazing BBQ, cookout, party, or event snack. Get all of your friends lit off of some Cheetos... I mean Weetos! I guarantee that you can offer a non-weed smoker some of these. Super Bowl party snacks anyone!?!?!?


I loved these things!! I'm not a regular Cheetos eater which is probably why I was able to save them for so long. But, oh man! These Weetos are something special. Definitely a must-try.

Do you want to get your hands on these 350mg Weetos?

Order from Cali_Edibles! Click here to see her menu.

Would you try cannabis-infused Cheetos? Or what snack would you want to have infused?

I'll go first, those Ruffles Baked Cheddar & Sour Cream chips!! Whew, I would go nuts. (maybe I'll have to see what I can do once my NOVA Cannabis Multi-Tool comes... hmmm)

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