100mg Dragon Fruit Lemonade | Ray's Lemonade

On Friday, I just wanted a drink. A THC drink that is.

I knew that I wanted either a 100mg drink or a really good edible.

I went to #HighSocietyEverett not knowing what I was going to get.

Then when I got to the beverages I saw all I needed to see. A whole row full of Ray's Lemonade flavors. I asked if they had Dragon Fruit and they did!

I paid $25 for this bottle of 100mg lemonade and headed home.

If you've been reading my blog then you know I am obsessed with Ray's Lemonade beverages. They tend to be affordable and they are always delicious!

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From the moment I opened this drink, I knew that I'd love it! The scent wasn't strong but it was enough to get a nice hint of the flavor.

This drink has a nice consistency, probably the thickest Ray's Lemonade formula (or maybe I'm just high!).

The thickness is not bad, it's really good and soothing on the pallet.

Now, I drank the entire thing. I poured it into a cup, not over ice, now I wish I did put it over ice. The drink warmed up pretty quickly.

It's definitely a drink that is better ice cold. The colder the better!

I drank it while catching up on some of my favorite shows. Anyone else in love with Good Girls!?

I slow sipped this drink for about an hour and a half. I started to feel the effects after 45 minutes, but it didn't hit me hard because I drink 100mg drinks a lot. (time for a tolerance break, eh?)

It's very sweet, I won't lie! I wasn't expecting how sweet it was. While I was slowly sipping it, I was also sipping water and a Capri Sun.

The weed taste is there but it's not strong.

Overall Ray's Lemonade didn't disappoint me! This flavor was great.

If you're interested in the ingredients, here they are!

Have you tried Ray's Lemonade!? Would you try Dragon Fruit?

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