100mg Apple Cider for Autumn

Holy crap! This Red Wagon Wheel Cider is something spectacular.

If you know me then you know that I'm always looking for a delightful cannabis-infused drink to get my hands on. I love the high that I get from drinks [as opposed to edibles] and most of the time I will just drink an entire 100mg drink, do some chores, then sleep.

I originally went to the dispensary for a Ray's Lemonade, which y'all know I love. You can read about when I tried the Huckleberry Ray's Lemonade here!

This drink was sitting in the fridge and it caught my attention. The packaging is bright and gorgeous plus the apples on the package make a statement to me-- it says "I'm good and juicy af". Plus it was $20-- ideal prices.

When I tell you that this package wasn't lying to me!!!

First, you can't taste weed AT ALL!!! I could put this in the apple Martinelli's bottle and you probably wouldn't be able to tell that you'll be getting high soon.

Second, so refreshing! Drink it cold, maybe even over ice? I prefer it cold, it goes down better and it's very refreshing.

I used the serving glass. I don't know why because I drank the entire bottle.

I am the type of person who can drink an entire 100mg drink and not get wrecked. Other people on the most hand might not be able to handle 100mg, that's why the serving glasses are important.

I love to slow sip my THC drinks then do my chores before the high hits or even as it hits. I'm a productive stoner. I need a clean house and being high makes chores so much more fun.

For those interested in the nutrition facts, here they are

Have you tried Red Wagon Wheel Cider? I need to get my hands on more of their products!

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