Hire Me To Write CBD, THC, Weed, & Hemp Content For Your Cannabis Company or Business!

Allow Dae, from The Bud That Wines, to write elegant cannabis content for your business or company! From website content to social media management and even blog content, you can freelance reliable, high-quality, and relatable weed content that will convey your business goals!

Check out the services that I offer below!

Website Content Creation

Convey your cannabis brand’s message with compelling & fresh content that attracts customers and creates life-long supporters. I will create on-page content for your cannabis business (THC, CBD, Hemp, & More) that is relevant to you, your mission, and your business goal. 


You will get

  • Fresh on-page content for selected pages

  • Search Engine Optimized Content (SEO friendly)

  • Researched keywords applied seamlessly into the content

E-Commerce Blog Content

Do you want to convey a point by using a blog post? Allow me to write it for you! Let’s convert readers into buyers with a well-written blog post that informs, draws desire, and shows the benefits of what you’re trying to sell. Blogs are essential in this industry because you want to provide [potential] customers with educational content to show your industry knowledge and build trust.

Social Media Management & Assistance

The point of social media is to get your business, product, and/or idea seen by as many people as possible. The cannabis industry can be difficult because advertising space is limited to very few spaces-- one of them being social media. That means you have to utilize every inch of space you can get. I am dedicated to growing your social media profile in ways that allow you to reach your business and personal goals while building an organic community of followers.

Promote Your Business with The Bud That Wines

Get your business seen by fellow cannaseurs on my blog TheBudThatWines.com. Take advantage of my blog and social media platforms by partnering with me for sponsored posts, website advertisement space, affiliate marketing, social media promotions, product/service reviews, and more! 


Content will introduce your product or service to my audience in a friendly and professional manner that will spark curiosity while converting readers into interested followers.

Want To Send Samples? / Want to Host a Product Trial?

Not only am I apart of an amazing community of stoners, but I know people who are always open to trying anything CBD/Hemp/THC related!


 If you want to send samples I have 3 groups of consumers that your product would be sent to


  1. Office Workers (4 - 8 people)

  2. College-Age Students & Workers (20 people)

  3. Parents/Adults 35+ (10 people)


Just let me know who your target audience is and I will give the samples to people in the appropriate groups. Their personal reviews will be sent to you first, along with more identifying traits of the individuals.

Hire Me To Write CBD, THC, Weed, & Hemp Content For Your Cannabis Company or Business!