~ About The Bud That Wines ~

The Bud That Wines is a blog that is two years in the making. 

We are in love with the healing benefits of cannabis.


We are also intrigued by liquor and wine. Even though there won't be a lot of liquor posts or photos, we wanted the freedom to discuss some awesome finds.

This blog documents the weed (and occasional wine) adventures of a 20-something-year-old black girl that lives in the greater Seattle area. 


There will also be featured posts from friends and family as the blog grows! I'm not the only wine drinking, weed smoking black girl I know!

The ultimate goal is lowering the stigma associated with weed. We believe in "unlearning" to learn-- unlearn the biased and negative teachings that you were taught and start a clean slate; form your own opinions. Also, there are responsible stoners out there! We are a community of them.

We are also supportive of [black] mothers who use cannabis. More diversity in the cannabis industry itself. We also want to donate to causes that will help with the decriminalization of non-violent marijuana possession charges.


More coming soon.

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